Age of Empire II Wrapper

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The game will run flawessly, the only difference is the text in the menu's is displayed in black instead
of white. If you follow my directions you will be able to play the original game or the expansion at any
time and be able to go back and forth as you please.


1. Download this file: HERE
2. Unarchive the file.
3. Inside you should find an ".app" and a folder with patches and no-cd files.
4. Next on windows install AoE II and make sure to choose 'full install'
5. Than run the 'Age 2 patch'
6. Than install the expansion and again choose 'full install'
7. Next run the 'Age 2 Exp patch'
8. Copy both the 'EMPIRES2' and 'age2_x1' into the install folder normal directory below:
        (c:\program files\microsoft games\age of empires II\)
9. After those are copy get a thumb drive and copy the entire 'Age of Empires II' folder to the drive

--The video below will show you the rest of the steps--

10. Now back on your mac, plug in the thumb drive
11. Right-click on the AoE app and choose 'Show package content'
12. Follow the green labels till you are inside the 'Age of Empires II' folder (you should see one file)
13. Now open the folder on your tumb drive and 'Select All'
14. Now copy and paste all the files into the folder on your mac
15. Sit back and enjoy the game



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